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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions are a great way to dramatically change your look overnight! They can instantly add length and volume and completely transform how you look and feel. There are semi-permanent options as well as temporary clip-ins which can be worn for special occasions.

One myth we hear often is that women with short hair cannot wear hair extensions. Well, we’re here to tell you that this is definitely not true! If you have short hair, there are several options available.

How long should your hair be?

Generally, your hair length should be at least 3 to 5 inches (7 to 12cm) for the successful application of hair extensions. There also needs to be a balance between your hair length and thickness for the extensions to go unnoticed. Naturally blending the hair extensions with your real hair is important to create a flawless look.

Are all hair extensions suitable?

It’s true that not all hair extensions are right for short hair. For example, clip-in extensions can be bulky, making them difficult to blend with short and fine hair. Choosing high quality, real human hair will ensure you get the best, well-blended results.

Here is a quick guide of the three best hair extensions for short hair:

Mini-Weft Extensions

Mini-Weft is a unique installation method that combines the speed of tape-ins without the use of harsh glues or adhesives. These are recommended for people who are in the process of growing out their hair, but want to enjoy the length of hair extensions in the meantime. Mini-wefts can be installed in less than one hour and provide a seamless, natural and effortless look.


Exclusively available at Carla Lawson, Invisi-Strands are an advanced strand by strand hair extension system. The strands are very small and virtually undetectable in the natural hair which is ideal for blending with short hair. Invisi-strands are soft and gentle and require no glues or adhesives.

Euro Invisi- Weft Extensions

These extensions are installed via a sewn-in technique and are available in virgin colours or pre-coloured to suit your needs. High quality long lasting hair combined with the latest weft technology makes Euro Invisi-Weft Extensions an ideal choice for adding length and volume to short hair.

Hair extensions are the answer to getting the long, luscious locks you’ve always desired. Blending hair extensions to look natural can be a challenge. For optimum results, it’s best to see a hair extension professional. If you’re unsure if your hair is long enough to wear hair extensions, contact Carla Lawson for a consultation on the most suitable options for you.