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How to Test for Good Quality Human Hair Extensions

The popularity of hair extensions is growing both on and off the red carpet. With so many options available, it’s important for you to know how to test for good quality human hair extensions.

Many companies claim to have 100% natural, human hair but this is often not the case. Ethically sourced and high quality hair extensions achieve the best, long-lasting results. Here are the essentials you need to look out for:

1. Intact Cuticles

Look for cuticles that are intact! Real, virgin hair extensions have the cuticles intact and aligned from the root to tip. This is what makes them easy to brush and style. For those of us who like a little biology, a single human hair is made up of a natural protein called keratin. The hair cuticle is the outer layer of the hair which protects inner layers of the hair.

Stripped hair extensions, without the cuticles intact, are brittle, dry and unprotected from sunlight, salt or pollution. They also tend to knot easily. These extensions are prone to shedding. You can test if the extensions are high quality by running your fingers through them. Your fingers should be able to glide through the hair without any large amounts falling out (with the exception of a couple of strands).

2. Thickness

High quality hair extensions should be the same thickness from the top to bottom. They should not look as if they have already been layered or styled. To test the consistency of the hair, hold up a weft to the light. If you can see the weft has plenty of gaps or the ends look thin, then it is likely that these are not the most high quality extensions on the market.

3. Length

Another way to determine if the extensions are high quality is to look at the percentage of full length wefts. For example, average quality hair extensions measuring 18 inches may only have 20% of the strands that are actually 18 inches long. These are called single drawn hair extensions. The remaining percentage of hair can vary in length.

Superior quality hair extensions are double drawn. This means the extensions have a much higher percentage of longer, evenly measured hair. The short hairs are removed to ensure the length and thickness is consistent from root to end.

4. After-Care Information

100% human, virgin hair should curl and straighten just like your own natural hair. Hair extensions not only require a certain level of after-care to protect from heat styling but to protect the bonds that keep the hair extensions in place. A thorough after-care routine is essential to maintain the quality of the extensions. If your supplier lacks aftercare information including instructions and recommended products, this is a clear indicator that the source may not be reliable.

If you’re looking for the best advice on high quality hair extensions, contact Carla Lawson or book a consultation to find out more.