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Invisi-Strands – The Ultimate Strand By Strand Hair Extensions


The Ultimate Strand By Strand Hair Extensions


Carla Lawson is the exclusive wholesale supplier and manufacturer of the Invisi-Strand system in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia.

Invisi-Strand is an advanced strand by strand hair extension system which uses a new concept that’s both simple and innovative. Invisi-Strands have a soft attachment and are fixed in place with concealed micro connections. The strands are very small in size and once installed are virtually undetectable and soft to the touch. Invisi-Strands are pre-loaded with their unique fixing connections ensuring a time efficient installation service.

Exclusively designed for installation by professional salons, Invisi-Strands are versatile and can be used for both volume and lengthening services depending upon the client’s requirements. They are available in single or double density to accommodate clients with thick or fine hair, achieving a seamless natural look.

Benefits of the Invisi-Strand System

Benefits of the
Invisi-Strand System

Hair Extensions Manufacturers

No heat, braiding, glue, tape or solvents

Preloaded with the Micro Connections and the Polymer Loops, Invisi-Strands utilizes no glue, heat, tapes, braiding, sewing or solvents. The system is hair friendly and more enjoyable for the client and the hairdresser

Reusable for up to one year guaranteed

Invisi-Strands are reusable and can be worn for up to one year with proper care and maintenance –guaranteed

Easy and fast installation and removal

Invisi-Strands are easy to install and easy to remove. The Invisi-Strands come preloaded with the Micro connections and the Polymer Loops. The colour of the micro ring is based on the colour of the Invisi-Strands to ensure they are easy to conceal. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to all our salon stockists


Available in 14”, 18” & 22” lengths. Available in 5 textures from silky straight to deep curls. Over 60 colour combinations available, including virgin natural colours

Cuticle Direction Correct

This makes our hair tangle free and easy to brush and style

Virtually Double Drawn

Most of the short hairs are removed to give thickness from root to end

Natural Shine

No artificial gloss or textured chemical perms. Our hair feels natural and moves naturally

Cuticle Intact

Hair cuticles are intact making the hair durable

Fitting & Removing Invisi-Strands

1-2 Hour Installation time

On average, a full head requires 150 to 200 Invisi-Strands. Due to their small size and easy application the total installation time for a full head installation is around two hours. There are 25 Invisi-Strands per pack which equates to 6 to 8 packs per full lengthening installation

Removal time

The Micro Links are clean and simple to remove with the help of our customised application and removal tools. 200 Invisi-Strands can be removed in 30 minutes without leaving any residue behind


  • Can I reuse the connection links?

    No, connection links are not suitable for reuse. You must use new ones with every installation

  • How frequently does the Invisi-Strands need to be refitted?

    Invisi-Strands can generally be worn for up to two months after which they must be removed and re-applied. Time frames for re-application do vary depending upon how well the hair is maintained, how fast the client’s natural hair grows and how strong the client’s natural hair is. It is important to follow the aftercare guides provided.

  • Is refitting Invisi-Strands difficult?

    Invisi-Strands can easily be worn for up to two months with every installation. After two months the Invisi-Strand must be removed and can then be refitted instantly. Simply slide new Micro Links onto the Polymer Loops and insert them into the Invisi Strand and they are ready to reuse once again. Invisi-Strands should be maintained with recommended Carla Lawson products.

  • Can I colour the hair?

    No, we do not recommend that you colour the Invisi-Strand hair. We do however, have a special B series in six shades especially for that purpose. These colours have only been lifted until the colour level of the specific B series colour. They have not been re-coloured so you can give the last finish to them in your own chosen colour. All chemical treatments however, make warranties null and void.

  • Where is the Invisi-Strand system available?

    The Invisi-Strand system is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia. Carla Lawson currently has partnerships with over 50 salons who now use our unique and exclusive hair extension systems.

  • Can the general public buy Invisi-Strands?

    No. Invisi-Strands have been specifically designed for professional hairdressers and are not sold directly to the general public. Carla Lawson Hair Extensions are the exclusive wholesale supplier and manufacturer of the Mini-Weft system in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia.

  • How much does the Invisi-Strand system cost?

    As a wholesale supplier, we offer competitive pricing for all of our salon systems. For further information please complete the form below: