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The Real Russian – Custom Hand Wefted Extensions

the-real-russian-custom-hand-wefted-extensions-1 - Hand Wefted Extensions in Melbourne

You’ve made your decision. You’re going to get hair extensions and you want the “Real Russian”, nothing else will do! The next step is to find a salon which has authentic virgin Russian hair and knows the best method of installation so you get the look you want.

Firstly, find a salon that you can trust; one that provides evidence of the origin, authenticity and quality of virgin Russian hair. Year upon year, genuine virgin Russian hair becomes rarer and more exclusive as the global demand is far greater than the very limited supply available. For this reason, there are very few suppliers that can access the “Real Russian”.

Carla Lawson is one of those suppliers. Carla imports only the finest quality genuine virgin Russian hair. From their UK origins and close relationships forged with hair agents around the world, virgin Russian hair is shipped to Carla Lawson in raw ponytail form from a single donor. Th e processes used are ethical and hair is not mixed or blended with hair from other European or Asian countries. 100% Real Russian. Sign. Sealed. Delivered.

When you work with Carla, you can choose the Russian ponytail and the specific length, thickness and weft widths you require. Carla will then personally handcraft the most beautiful, natural, undetectable hand wefted extensions from her salon in Melbourne.  Known as Carla’s signature installation, the level of skill and expertise is unparalleled and has led Carla to be one of the most in demand hair extension specialists in Melbourne and Australia.

Carla’s passion and devotion to her clients combined with her ability to personally handcraft the highest quality custom hand wefted extensions in Melbourne make her a clear front runner within the hair extension industry.

For more information or to book a consultation E: [email protected]