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Invisi-Wefts – The World’s Smallest & Thinnest Weft Technology


The World’s Smallest & Thinnest Weft Technology


Carla Lawson is the exclusive wholesale supplier and manufacturer of the Invisi-Weft system in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia. No other hair weft comes close to our ultra-fine Invisi-Wefts. We have combined high quality long lasting hair with the latest weft technology to create a truly unique product within the hair extension industry.

Euro Invisi-Wefts eliminate weft bulk at the roots for sewn in applications because the hair weft is not folded and then stitched. This ground-breaking technology enables the hair to be cast straight into the ultra-thin and flexible Invisi-Wefts, using the latest polymer-ester technology. The result is amazing and there are no short hair return ends at the weft. This means that Invisi-Wefts are comfortable to wear, less bulky, easy to conceal and can be cut to any width with no shedding.

Euro Invisi-Wefts are installed via a sewn-in application technique, they are full cuticle correct, virtually double drawn and are available in virgin colours or pre-coloured to the client’s choice (from our colour chart/ring).

Benefits of the Invisi-Wefts System

Benefits of
Euro Invisi-Weft System

Wholesale Hair Extensions


Suitable for all sewn in and weft applications, easy to conceal and can be cut to any width with no shedding

No Short Return Hairs

There are no short return hairs on the top of the weft. You will no longer have short hairs sticking out causing matting and irritation at the roots

Soft and Flexible

The base is ultra-thin and flexible. It feels soft and is comfortable to wear


Available  in 14”, 18” & 22” lengths. Available in 5 textures from silky straight to deep curls. Over 60 colour combinations available, including virgin natural colours

Cuticle Direction Correct

This makes our hair tangle free and easy to brush and style

Virtually Double Drawn

Most of the short hairs are removed to give thickness from root to end

Natural Shine

No artificial gloss or textured chemical perms. Our hair feels natural and moves naturally

Cuticle Intact

Hair cuticles are intact making the hair durable

Fitting & Removing Invisi-Wefts

1-2 Hour installation time

Installation times do vary based on the quantity of hair required and the technique used. There are many variations of installation methods for sewn-in applications. For an experienced weft technician installation times are generally around 1 hour for standard installation service

Removal and refitting

Re-installation for wefts is generally at 6 week intervals. This does however depend on how strong the natural hair is, how fast it grows and how well the hair is maintained


  • How much hair is required for an installation?

    Euro Invisi-wefts are available in bundles of 57g (half head) & 115g (full head). Quantity required will depend upon the look the client wishes to achieve and also the length, quantity and density of the client’s natural hair. The hair extension technician will advise the client of the quantity required and pricing.

  • How frequently do Euro Invisi-Wefts need to be refitted?

    This varies from person to person. We generally recommend maintenance re-lifts at six week intervals, however it does depend on how strong the natural hair is, how fast it grows and how well the hair is maintained. Services may be at shorter intervals for clients with weak or fine hair. The hair extension positions should be slightly altered at each installation to avoid stress to the natural hair.

  • Can I colour my natural hair whilst wearing the Euro Invisi-Weft?

    Technically, you can colour your hair while wearing Invisi-Wefts, however we do not recommend this. The servicing wearing period is a maximum of eight weeks, which is usually the time to touch up any regrowth. The best practice is to coincide the colouring service with the refitting of the Wefts. If you do colour the hair, it is very important to rinse the hair thoroughly to make sure that there is no colouring residue left behind in the hair and the Weft. Also, when you do want to colour the hair extensions we recommend using one of the Pre-lightened B series as a base. Note: any chemical alteration makes the warranty null and void.

  • Can I use my own shampoo and conditioner?

    We recommend specific products from Carla Lawson Hair Extensions that are sulphate free. Always rinse the hair twice as long as you would normally. Build-up in the hair and the wefts can affect their durability and wearing experience.

  • Can I colour the hair?

    No, we do not recommend that you colour the Invisi-Weft hair. We do however, have a special B series in six shades especially for that purpose. These colours have only been lifted until the colour level of the specific B series colour. They have not been re-coloured so you can give the last finish to them in your own chosen colour. All chemical treatments however, make warranties null and void.

  • Where is the Invisi-Weft system available?

    The Invisi-Weft system is available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia. Carla Lawson currently has partnerships with over 50 salons who now use our unique and exclusive hair extension systems.

  • Can the general public buy the Euro Invisi-Wefts?

    No. Euro Invisi-Wefts have been specifically designed for professional hair salons and are not sold directly to the general public. Carla Lawson Hair Extensions are the exclusive wholesale supplier and manufacturerof the Euro Invisi-Weft system in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and throughout Australia.