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Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

Genuine Virgin Russian


We partner with trusted hair agents in Russia to import only the finest quality 100% genuine virgin Russian hair which is shipped directly to us in Melbourne in raw ponytail form.

Virgin Russian hair is the most premium quality hair worldwide. It is 100% natural and has never been chemically treated, coloured or processed. The texture of the hair is soft, smooth and silky so that it moves naturally and effortlessly which is why it is the most desired of all hair types.

Year upon year genuine virgin Russian hair becomes rarer and more exclusive as the global demand for these hair extensions is far greater than the very limited supply available. Because of this reason, virgin Russian hair is much more expensive than hair from other origins. Unfortunately, the word Russian has become misused within the hair industry with many salons and suppliers making false claims about “real” and “genuine” Russian hair extensions. The truth is only a very few suppliers can access the real thing.

Benefits of Carla Lawson’s Virgin Russian Hair

Virgin Hair Extensions

Custom hand crafted

Clients can choose their desired
ponytail (from stock) and Carla will personally hand tie the extensions


We hold all packaging and shipping documentation stating the origin


Beautiful in texture, virgin Russian hair flows naturally giving elegance and style

Cuticle Intact

Hair cuticles are intact making
the hair more durable

Cuticle Direction Correct

Hair is tangle free and easy to
brush and style

Double Drawn

We remove the short hairs to give
thickness from root to end

Long lasting

Hair is stronger and more durable as it
has never been chemically coloured
or treated

Ethically sourceD

Our agents only purchase hair directly
from willing donors who are paid
premium prices

Virgin Russian Installations

Our virgin Russian hair is only available in custom hand-tied wefts at the Carla Lawson studio in Melbourne. Each weft is personally hand crafted by Carla to the specific lengths and widths of each individual client. As the wefts are hand tied and not machine made, we can add or reduce the amount of hair applied to each individual weft, so that you can achieve the desired volume and most natural look.

Ready to meet Carla and have the hair you’ve always dreamed about? Book a consultation today to find out why our genuine virgin Russian hair extensions are the best in Melbourne.